More Kilims … 104/365

So… like I said, didn’t realize I even liked kilims, I was a total Uşak-o-holic, but now I’ve seen the light… especially through this specific kilim. It is a dowery rug, woven – as the story goes – who really knows – for a bride to present to her husband/husband’s family. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. Most kilims are kind of thick, but this one is super thin and is woven in a lace pattern. By that, I mean you can literally turn the lights off, hold it up to a door, etc. and see light shining through the pattern like lace. The colors are all vegetable dye and amazing. My neighbor may kill me in my sleep for it. So… if I die mysteriously and this rug goes missing … Georgia is your first suspect. I’m just sayin’.

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