Jokesters and Tomatoes 249/365

So… rarely is Mr. juliafizz home on a Monday. But as luck would have it … or not have it since I had to stay home to study most of the day … he was off this holiday Monday. Since I had to stick around town, we decided to head for one of the weekday markets we never manage to get out for. It was much more intimate (small) than the Sunday market, but there was just as much variety. Not to mention the people have a great sense of humor – in fact, the Turks in general have a lighthearted, fun way about them. I dropped my coin purse, when I figured it out and went back to retrace my steps a kind woman noticed I was looking for something and tried to ask what was wrong. When I tried the typical pointy-talky method of international confusion, she promptly pulled out her purse and I said, “Evet! Evet!”  (YES! YES!) She took me to the stall next to us and told the gentleman something about Bayan (Lady) and then I was lost … I assume it was about the purse. Then the vendor looked at me quizzically and asked Ne’kadar? (How much?)  I was thinking, “how much?” I have no idea how much. By this time a crowd had gathered. They appeared concerned for me. One man, looked at me and said, “He wants to know how much money is in it.” I looked back at him and said, “Yeah, I got that … but I don’t know”, shrugging my shoulders. This went on for a minute. Him, “What does it look like?” Me, “A carpet”… blah, blah, blah.  Finally he pulled up the coin purse and smiled a big toothy grin. He was playing me the whole time. Everyone laughed, I laughed, then thanked him profusely — IN TURKISH, and the group disbanded. Just like that. I guess it’s fun to mess with the American girl a little. Haha. Then I bought tomatoes from him.

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2 Responses to Jokesters and Tomatoes 249/365

  1. Sherryb says:

    Those tomatoes are GORGEOUS! And how fun that you are enjoying yourself so much and that people like you enough to tease you!

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