March? Already?

So… my bloggyiness has been in serious decline for the past three months. After such a tough Fall (thesis, husband near the brink of death, traveling, some changes, etc.) a break was in order. But I’m back… ready to enjoy what’s left of my Turkey time. It’s sad, but true, our tour here is coming to an end. I will leave with lessons learned, a boatload of pictures,  and a pure love for Turkey, its culture, and people. What could I have possibly been doing with all this time you ask?  Well… as my friend’s daughter would say… just chilaxin’. I’ll get back to a daily grind, but for now how about I share a few pics I’ve snapped over the past couple of months?

1) Golfing:  I’ve done more in the past few months than I have for a while. We’re actually taking golf lessons from the pro here and mr. juliafizz is so MUCH better than me. Drat!  This pic was from one day out on the course by myself just enjoying the beautiful day – ohhh and I hit the ball on the green on the third stroke. It’s kind of a big deal, it may never happen again. Notice the breathtaking Toros mountains in the back that make up this awesome backdrop.

Yes... I have purple balls...

And of course, after the “rainy season” EVERYONE  is happy to see the sun.

Turtles sunbathing by the lake on #4...

Even the fish were hanging near the surface on this first really beautiful sunny day…

2) The village: I went with a couple of girls to the village market a few times where we found free-range chickens and cats, just hanging out, mostly in garbage cans.

Guess what? Chicken butt!

These two were just lolling about… with about 14 of their friends. By the way the one lounging over two cans wasn’t really searching for anything, just hanging.

Yo... what's up?

So… that’s enough for tonight. I’ve missed you. xoxox

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