Forever in my heart…

So… here I am… with less than 24 hours left in my beloved Turkey. I’ve already cried with my Turkish Mom, run all the errands, packed my suitcase (ok, for the most part), and have a night planned with the gang. I can honestly say this is the worst PCS – evah. We’ve been so lucky and so incredibly blessed with great friends, a family who made us their own, and amazing experiences. Frankly, even random people on the street will be fondly remembered. Thank you and Çok teşekkür ederim to everyone (ok, mostly everyone) who crossed my path in the last two years… you’ve made a difference and your going to America in my heart!

Adana Mosque at sunset.
I will miss this incredible site, the culture, Turkish food, and most of all the ah-mazing people.
Seni seviyorum (I love you).

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