Hey! I’m Julia, just a Southern girl roaming the world.  This is my Project 365, or photo-a-day blog.  You should start a Project 365, or Project 52 (one weekly) of your own today! Feel free to follow along, make a comment, or suggest a weekly theme.  Don’t be surprised to find the occasional rant/observation  or recipe thrown in for good measure.  After all, it’s my blog, and I’m grown, I can do what I want. =)~

A word of advice, if you don’t want to be posted, don’t get in the way of my lens. Although I promise not to alienate friends and family by posting bad shots.

The name Juliafizz came from one of my writer friends who had the task of making me look good for a bio. She concocted a drink recipe out of my wacky life and named it the Sloe Julia Fizz, it fit and stuck.

    5 Responses to About

    1. QTA says:

      I love your pix and right now, I love the “smilers” the best!

    2. leslie says:

      you’ve got another follower. 🙂

    3. kathy says:

      I can’t wait to see all your photos of where you are living! What a great idea……I may just have to copy it!

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