Skittles and Jello 364/365

So… Skittles vodka and shots of Jello. Yes. This is the prep for a New Year’s Eve celebration with our chosen and Turkish families. Looking back on this year I can’t believe the amazing (and a few not-so-amazing) people who’ve crossed my path. I am truly grateful for most of them! Yet I can’t help but think about people I will miss this year.  XOXO to all! Meanwhile back at the lab – this is what’s going on…

Guess what we're making ...

Separating the Skittles

Into the vodka bath they go ... which doesn't look like much... but those are German beer steins...

Waiting to finish the last layer...

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Wedding 363/365

So… I got to play papa-paparazzi at a friend’s wedding today. Of course, I won’t post the bride, otherwise she might not continue to be my friend. Yikes!

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Turkish Tea 362/365

So… How is it that I have neglected Turkish çay (chai or tea) in my blog? It’s such an integral part of the culture. My friend drinks at least 8 of these cute little cups a day. It’s an art form really. They boil the tea and water separately then pour them together. If you get the right blend, it’s a little cup of heaven.


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Kings College 361/365

So… I came across this snap of Kings College from the River Cambs while I was organizing pictures.


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Tiger Moth 360/365

So… I was browsing through some old pictures, strolling down memory lane, if you will, and came across this shot of mr. juliafizz’s Tiger Moth flight from our first tour in England. I paid more than we could afford at the time, had outbid a colonel, and piss a lot of people off — but he enjoyed it — and that was worth it all!

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Evil Eye Jewelry 359/365

So … I told mr. juliafizz that I’d like some evil eye jewelry. Yes. There are 3 (count em!), three necklaces in this pile o’ evil eyes. HAHAHAHA. I love that man!  Merry Christmas from Turkey! XOXO

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Leftover Wine 358/365

So… this concept is a little foreign to me, I’ll be honest.  But look at this cute little reason to leave a drop of wine in the bottle. Get the Jolly Started indeed!

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